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Diesel Tuning and ECU Remapping | McCann Motors

ECU Remapping, Diesel Tuning and DPF Deletion 

Diesel engine tuning is extremely popular because of the very positive way that diesel engines respond to tuning; very significant gains can be delivered in power, torque, and fuel economy; and almost all vehicles with a diesel engine can be tuned in this way. 

At McCann Motors, we specialize in and provide all areas of Engine Remapping, Vehicle Tuning, and ECU remapping.

Diesel engine tuning can be particularly done to accommodate the needs of the driver, whether those needs are for blatant power, plain fuel economy, or to compensate for the use, load – carrying, i.e. towing, or for tweaking and upgrades.

Diesel Tuning and Fuel Economy

Our multi-award-winning BlueOptimize is one of our diesel optimization services. The most widely used fuel economy tuning software, BlueOptimize, has now been fitted on over 1 million automobiles and was awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise in 2014. It is operated by the largest fleet presently on the road.

Why not give us a call right now to talk about how McCann Motors  can help you feel good about using your Diesel car yet again? The tuning support rendered by us and our Authorized Sales Force are customized and bespoke to your needs.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Tuning And Deletion

A lot of people have strong opinions on DPF Management, therefore you should think carefully before using this service.


McCann Motors is capable of DPF removal and DPF deletion adjustment. Please be advised, though, that DPF removal is not permitted everywhere in the world. 

For the time being at least, if your vehicle was initially constructed with a DPF filter, it must be fitted before use on a major street in the UK and throughout Europe.

Off-road use, motorsport, and other exceptional initiatives are only a few of the recognized and legal justifications for DPF deletion. 

Naturally, our foreign dealer network and clients can also use our DPF deletion and removal service. However, before removing your DPF filter, please check your own local and regional laws since failure to do so could result in your vehicle failing the fitness test.

DPF Cleaning & Servicing

For those experiencing problems with your DPF filter, you might want to think about getting it cleaned. We and many of our dealers provide this service, so please let us know if we can assist. 

This may be a far superior method for you and will keep your car legal until the next MOT. For more details on DPF service and cleaning, see this.

DPF Installation Process and Refitting


DPF removal has historically been fairly common; according to some estimates, there are as many as 30K diesel vehicles with DPF systems missing from the road only in the UK. 

But the risks and negative consequences of uninstalling a DPF unit from an automobile are now much well known to the public. 

Many people who have previously replaced their DPF filters really do want (or need) to have them reinstalled as a result of changes in laws and attitudes over the past three years.

The process to install a DPF system can be very expensive, and OE Manufacturers’ DPF filters are indeed very pricey. Since we can restart a car’s DPF system and have access to powerful new DPF filters, McCann Motors can assist in this scenario. 

Ask us for further information if your car’s filter has ever been removed, possibly even without your awareness by an earlier owner. We have DPF software and supplies to repair your system and get your car back on the road.

Diesel Vehicle Remapping at McCann Motors

Our McCann Motors car ECU remapping and diesel tuning technology, featuring our full spectrum of DPF elimination services, is developed along with decades of research at our specialized faculty and Research and development center. 

For more information on DPF deletion tuning and ECU remapping for the majority of diesel engines and DPF systems, contact us.

Our different ECU remapping programs can be paired with McCann Motor’s DPF deletion and removal applications and services, and as our software is unique and built in-house, we can also mix your DPF deletion program with other optimization amenities to include:

  • ECU remapping and high performance optimization 
  • Award-winning BlueOptimize fuel economy for high maintenance vehicles
  • Remapping for fuel savings and other things.

In its basic configuration, metropolitan commuting or miles on the clock can cause the DPF filter to jam, which can be a costly fix. 

You might be able to disable or delete DPF functions to decrease the probability of this occurring, enhancing performance, servicing, and endurance (subject to legal requirements). 

We offer calibration and installation facilities all over the world, thus being available to assist anyone with their DPF removal requirements. Please email us if you don’t see your diesel vehicle listed.

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